The consumption and secretions of non-human animals is essential for sustaining ignored and extreme acts of violence for satisfaction of human pleasure. Torture and slaughter of billions is no longer significant or needed to feed human hunger; animal exploitation and it’s industrial scale killing system is providing us their body parts and bodily fluids as objects of our desire. Corrupted worshiping the banality and absurdity of massive scale breeding and killing of non-human animals gives us naively moral excuses while ignoring facts of crucial background consequences of animal exploitation for human consumption. And we as the higher breed take a great pride in naming this practice the circle of life when in reality it is the circle of our own madness, disease and death. Our obscene climax gives torture and killing a new urge and it is born out of reaching our divine pleasure: the taste. Betina Habjanič in Bojan Hajdu

Galerija Hladilnica Pekarna

Ob železnici 16
2000 Maribor, Slovenia